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This mirror is ideal when you need to check your look, makeup, lips or eyes, put in contact lenses or shave at any time and any place.Always within arm's reach!
WARNING: Front camera is required for mirror functionality. However, if your device doesn't have a front camera, you can use this software to take pictures with effects and frames using the rear camera.
MAIN ADVANTAGES OF OUR MIRROR APP:• Has beautiful frames and funny overlay effects.• Number of frames and effects can be extended by installing additional plugins.• You can take funny selfies and pictures!• It's easy to use.• Works in darkness - light function included.• Has the ability to freeze the on-screen image, change zoom and brightness.
WHY IT'S BETTER TO USE MIRROR THAN THE STANDARD CAMERA APP:• This app will not go into sleep mode nor will it close during use.• Screen shines in full brightness and additional brightness correction can be easily applied.• You can easily control zoom level even on devices where this feature is not supported by the standard camera app!• You see yourself better in the dark using the light function.• You can quickly freeze the image without needing to take a photo and browse gallery. This function allows for a precise check of your exterior or even check your back!
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